London is a beautiful city with many places for people to explore. It is thus, quite the tourist destination, and does not disappoint. If you are a fan of shopping, then London is definitely a great place for you to visit. Below is a compilation of some of the best shopping areas you can go to while there.

Oxford Street

Fonte: Pixabay – @spinheike


This bustling busy street is located at the heart of the city and is one of the go-to places for any shopper in London. It contains over 300 stores, all ranging from shops to designer outlets. This street is one of the best because it offers a wide range of items, for instance, be it designer clothes, bargain wear, or a handy luggage store. It is thus available to anyone and everyone, as one can shop for an item based on their budget, and get some pretty cool stuff. It is home to some stores like Topshop and John Lewis.

Notting Hill

Fonte: Pixabay – @ldpodcast


This location has worldwide fame, mainly due to the movie with a similar name that starred one of the best actresses in Hollywood. Notting Hill does live up to its name, as it contains multiple shops that offer a wide variety of unique items. It harbors not only fashion stores but bookstores, coffee shops, and antique stores as well. If you are looking for anything vintage and retro, you are likely to find it here. More so, Notting Hill is fantastic for people who like to express themselves in different forms of fashion, such be it bohemian, classy or formal.

Bond Street

Fonte: Pixabay – @DanteCandal


This is a pretty exclusive area in London, as it hosts some of the big names in the fashion industry. For instance, you can find Burberry and Louis Vuitton in this street, thus making it pretty popular among a lot of celebrities. If you would love to treat yourself or a loved one and get them a fancy designer purse maybe, then this is the place to go. Alternatively, you can go for a stroll with your friends and do some window shopping.


Fonte: Pixabay – @LauraTutu


If you are truly crazy about fashion then Knightsbridge is one of the places that you definitely must go to. It boasts a wide selection of stores and shops with all sorts of items ranging from clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. Knightsbridge is home to some of the best brands in fashion and also has all the latest trends in the fashion world. If you always want to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not, the place has got you covered.

Carnaby Street

Fonte: Pixabay – @NigelCohen


The street is more of a social area, with less bustle as compared to other parts of London. The street contains a lot of stores, some with rising designers, others being independently owned boutiques and good brands. It a great place to go if you simply would love to have coffee or lunch as well, as it contains lovely coffee shops, restaurants, and pubs for the nightlife.



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