6 Secret Tips To Apply Makeup Like A Pro

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When it comes to beauty tips and tricks there are several simple secrets that you can apply to make your makeup look like it was applied by a professional. You do not have to spend a lot of cash to look spectacular. With only a few tips you can give your cheeks, face, eyes, lips, and brows a natural and attractive glow. Below are some six secret tips and techniques used by top makeup artists that you can use to look exceptional.


You do not need to use expensive makeup kits to apply your makeup. Instead of painting your face, try buffing up the foundation using a foundation brush or a beauty blender. In case you do not have these simply use a sponge or your fingers. A sponge can access every part of your face ensuring that all the parts have a flawless, even application.

By buffing up the foundation, you will create a smooth coverage all over your face making the application look even. With an even application, your face won’t look like different colors were applied to it.

Start by removing any excess oil using a smooth piece of cloth or blotting papers. Apply the foundation followed by a little bit of powder on parts that shine a lot using a brush to seal in the foundation. This will prevent unwanted sheen as well as give the application a silky smooth and even-toned look.

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Your eyes are an important part of your face, although since all eyes don’t have the same shape, you will have to use different techniques have to be applied. To create elongated, sexy eyes use a winged eyeliner to make your eyes look beautiful and elongated. If your eyes are, use a dark eye pencil or eyeliner and apply from the lower waterline into the inner corner.

You can also try a brown color for a more natural look if you have a slightly lighter complexion. Create a small, triangular point on the inner corners of your eyes, following the natural shape of your eyes to give them a natural appearance. If you have small eyes and want them to look wide-eyed, include an eyeshadow. Refrain from using dark shades since they will make your eyes look smaller. Use a light colored eyeshadow.


Your complexion should be your guide to selecting the right foundation. A foundation that does not match your complexion might affect your entire look. Check the different color wheels to determine which color is ideal for you. Use colors opposite to your complexion which will cancel each other out during application.

Your eye colors are also essential when picking a foundation, for example, golden colors blend well with warm skin tones.


The method of application that you use to apply the foundation is an important aspect during makeup application. Apply the foundation moving from the center of the face, on the apples of the cheeks, moving outward. This enables you to create an even blend throughout your face and makes it look natural.

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If you want your makeup to stay for long, apply some powder in between the primer and the foundation. Apply your face primer and then dust over it using a lightweight translucent powder. This way you will be locking in the primer and ensuring that it doesn’t slide and make patches on your face. You can also use either a regular or airbrush for application of the powder depending on your preference.

However, try to minimize the amount of powder you apply to avoid forming a thick layer, especially when using HD powders. This is because HD powders contain 100% silica which reflects a lot of light. When they are applied to a dry skin and you take a photo using the flash feature, they give off the white cast making you look unnatural.

If you have to use HD powders, use them sparingly, especially on parts that you sweat a lot or where your face gets oily fast. With a minimal amount of powder, the powder can easily dissolve into the skin and isn’t affected by the flash of the camera when you take a photo.

You can also apply a cream bronzer or highlight underneath a lightweight foundation to give your face a natural glow. Combine the foundation along with a moisturizer to lighten your coverage options and give your face a full coverage.

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Peach or apricot toned primers brighten up a dull and exhausted face making it look bright, especially if you have a darker complexion. When you use a primer the colored tint in it aids in correcting hyperpigmentation. It’s also great for counteracting and concealing dark complexions and marks such as blue or purple-toned dark circles.

Natural oils such as castor oil help to grow brows and lashes making them look strong and healthy adding a touch of beauty to your overall look. The oil is rich in properties such as ricinoleic acid and Omega-9 fatty acids. With only a few drops you will be able to grow your eyelashes making them look full and strong. Strong eyelashes along with the right mascara will be a plus to your makeup. Choose a mascara that brings out your eyelashes making your eyes shine instead of looking tired.

You can also start by creating a glowing skin and eyelashes for a brighter appearance by cleaning and moisturizing your skin before applying the makeup. Use a hydrating mask a hydrating mask followed by a facial massage that allows blood circulation. There are different types of skin masks available depending on different skin types. The skin masks are also made of different ingredients.

Choose a face mask with ingredients that work with your skin type. After using the mask a moisturizer gently to boost circulation, reduce puffiness as well as give your face a natural flush. Your face will look fresh, with a clear complexion and you can proceed with applying your makeup.

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SEO Copywriter Freelance, Social Media Manager e quasi giornalista/pubblicista, ama tutto ciò che rimanda al concetto di bellezza. La sua parola d'ordine è "sperimentare", approfondire e informare in maniera consapevole, sottolineando la forza e l'importanza della condivisione.


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